About Us

Who we are?

Dr. Norma Kowalski is a Clinical Neuropsychologist licensed in the state of Florida. Dr. Kowalski  holds a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Neuropsychology. During her post-graduate work she trained in assessing and diagnosing a wide variety of neurological disorders. She has assessed and/or treated stroke and head injury patients in hospitals and at inpatient rehabilitation centers. She has worked on workman compensation cases, as well as conducted several Independent Medical Examinations. She has conducted many group sessions to enhance cognition in elderly patients with dementia and presented to traumatic brain injury support groups.

Dr. Kowalski has had the privilege of volunteering her professional skills at North East Wisconsin Curative Rehabilitation Center. While there she designed and developed a cognitive assessment protocol for the admission and progress tracking of patients for a new outpatient day treatment program for persons with early memory loss.

The results of her experiences have elevated her proficiency in the field of neuropsychology. Dr. Kowalski is able to apply her experience in neuropsychological and psychological assessments to children, adults and geriatric populations. Dr. Norma Kowalski is bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish.